The BioMates project develops and validates an innovative, cost-competitive and environmentally superior pyrolysis and hydroprocrssing technology, rendering bio-based intermediates which can be directly integrated within existing oil refineries. The technological innovations assimilated in the project are expected to validate the low-cost production of high-quality bio-based intermediates (BioMates) which can be easily transported and integrated in oil refinery units.

The favourable production cost will be achieved via:Impact

  • Cheap, available, feedstock with no or very low generation of direct or indirect land-use change
  • Decentralized Ablative Fast Pyrolysis (AFP)
  • Single-step hydroprocessing of bio-oil
  • Innovated hydroprocessing catalyst
  • Electrochemical compression of recycled gas (rich in H2)
  • Renewable make-up H2 (fed into the system to compensate for H2-losses and -consumption)

Moreover, the BioMates approach will provide a link of the rural areas that have significant potential for development with the EU refining industry that will be the end user of BioMates. As a result, there are several social benefits that the BioMates approach encompasses, which include:

  • Enhancement of EU competitiveness
  • Job creation in rural areas
  • Secure energy supply / minimize imports
European Commission  This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 727463

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